Smyrna Appliance Repair Instead Of Purchasing

My household includes my husband and I and our three elementary school age grandchildren. I do laundry almost every day to get our clothes, the kids’ clothes and towels done. So you can imagine the panic I felt when our dryer quit working. All I could think was how am I going to find the time and money to go the laundromat every day to keep up with the wash!

Our dryer is ten years old so we figured it was time for a newer model. Even though we really couldn’t afford a replacement, we went to our local used appliance store. While looking over what was available, we mentioned to the owner why we were dryer shopping. Instead of letting us spend more money than we needed to, he offered to make a service call and see if he could fix the dryer before we spent any money on a new one. He was very busy that day but promised he would be there the following day.

Robert called us bright and early the next morning and was at our home by early afternoon. He took apart the top part of the dryer and quickly determined that it only needed a new fuse! The original fuse had finally blown, and the cost of that and the service call was less than half of what a new dryer would have cost! A 15-minute Smyrna appliance repair service call saved us from spending money we couldn’t afford to waste.

A few months later, we called Robert again to look at our ten year old washer that was acting up. It took him a couple days to come to the house because he was so busy. But again after just a few minutes of inspection, he determined that the valve that lets the water into the washer was sticking. He also cleaned the screen for us so there wouldn’t be any problems. Again he saved us from spending more than was necessary on a new dryer machine. If this help anyone they also do emergency appliance repair in Atlanta Georgia.

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