dishwasher repair stockbridgeI wash my dishes in my dishwasher a lot, and my husband used to make jokes that I was going to break it one day. I swear that he jinxed me, because not even a week after the last time he said that, the dishwasher stopped working. I couldn’t get it to do anything, but make a noise when I turned it on. I know that we didn’t disconnect anything, the power was hooked up to it, but it still wouldn’t work. I was so frustrated, because I had guests over, and I wanted to quickly load the dishwasher, and get back to my guests.

Unfortunately, I had to leave the dirty dishes in the dishwasher overnight. I immediately got up in the morning, and I called a appliance repair company in Stockbridge ga. I remembered passing a repair shop after I got off I-285 near my home, so I decided that I would call them. I had a repair person named Timothy, come to my home, and he was able to come the same day. Timothy was very polite, and he only took a few minutes to diagnose my dishwasher. He might as well have been speaking a different language, because I couldn’t understand what he said was wrong with it.

I took him by his word, and he said that he would retrieve the parts for it, and he could have it fixed the very next day. I paid him in advance, and told him that my husband would be home to let him in when he came the next afternoon. I had a hard day at work, and I was going home to cook dinner. I didn’t even remember anything about the dishwasher, until after I ate dinner, and it was time to wash dishes.

I loaded my dishwasher without a second thought, and when it turned on it work perfectly, and that’s when I started laughing, because I remembered that it was previously broken. I was so pleased with the work that was done on my dishwasher, that I called Stockbridge Appliance Repair shop, and left good feedback for Timothy, he was really a great repair person.

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