When I Finished A Washer Repair In Atlanta

appliance repair atlanta gaMaybe you have experienced an event where you thought, “Did that really just come about? ” At Atlanta Appliance Repair Pro our experts are often courteous, professional and realize how to smile at even the most humorous washer repair stories. Read on and see how this technical assistant encountered a slippery event.

I went along to work on a lady’s washing machine repair Atlanta that wouldn’t rotate or agitate. When I arrived to the girls house, I took the top cover down to look inside. Then i reached straight into grab the transmission and found out it absolutely was locked. I felt something warm, so i looked closer and found a boa constrictor glazing right at me and protruding his tongue. I eased away  slowly in addition to said, “Ma’am, I’d be glad to repair your washer as soon as you remove that snake. ” The lady looked relieved and mentioned, “Oh – we’ve been searching for him for about a month! ”

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